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Generalised anxiety disorder

Generalised anxiety disorder

Because adrenaline levels are artificially raised through these constant stressors, we can experience what is called generalized anxiety disorder or high anxiety.

This means that the body is functioning at a much higher level of anxiety causing a whole list of anxious feelings, emotions and sensations.

The sort of symptoms you can experience in generalised anxiety disorder are generally not the same as those experienced during a panic attack, although distressing, they are much less extreme

  • Stomach may churn
  • Heart races or beats slower, or you may even get palpitations
  • You may also feel sweaty and clammy
  • If fact you might even think you have flu with weak legs
  • You may even experience dizziness or your body shaking
  • Get disturbing thoughts
  • Feel depressed

This is perfectly normal and will pass, it is a purely chemical response to anxiety and must not be mistaken for depression, remember these thoughts and feelings are harmless and they are just unpleasant..

You may feel that you are depressed but anxiety can be very disturbing and constant, unpleasant symptoms can make you feel sad and alone.

Anxiety | by Dr. Radut