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Where must I go when I arrive at Crescent Clinic?

When you arrive at the Clinic, please come to Reception where you will be met by a staff member, who will deal with the necessary formalities concerning your stay. You will then be introduced to the nurse in charge and the various facilities explained to you.

What should I bring to Crescent Clinic if I am booked in for treatment?

In general we recommend you bring as little to the clinic with you as possible, and certainly no items of value. We hope you find the checklist we have compiled below helpful:

  • Nightclothes, slippers and dressing gown
  • Valuables - for security reasons it is not advisable to bring electronic equipment, jewellery, or large sums of cash. The Clinic cannot be held liable for items which have been mislaid or stolen.
  • Casual and comfortable day and outdoor clothing. Tracksuits are ideal for everyday comfort and also appropriate for relaxation activities.
  • Personal toiletries - towels and soap are provided
  • Medication - please bring any medication you are taking and hand them to the nurse in charge, who should also be informed if you suffer from any allergies or dietary intolerances.

What is the procedure for settling my account with Crescent Clinic?

We need to know before admission as to how you wish your account to be settled.

Our Admissions Staff will gladly assist you in completing the necessary documentation and to begin processing a claim if you are insured. We will require a membership number if you are registered with a medical scheme.

Unfortunately the Clinic cannot be held responsible for the decisions of an insurer regarding individual cover. Where an insurer declines to meet the claim or does not cover the full claim, then the patient becomes responsible for the payment of the account.

What is Crescent Clinics policy with patient’s vehicles?

In the interest of safety, you will NOT be permitted to park your car on the Clinic premises during your inpatient stay. Cars parked at anytime on the Clinic premises are done so at the risk of the driver. Cars are NOT protected by the Clinics insurance and may not be covered by your own insurance whilst receiving treatment.


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