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EDU Primary Treatment

Primary Treatment

The Crescent Clinic Eating Disorders Unit provides a specialised inpatient facility for patients suffering from all diagnosable eating disorders of a severity that required hospitalization. Although our psychologists, psychiatrist and dieticians treat the majority of their referrals on an outpatient basis, where the severity of illness has outpatient treatment contra-indicated, we have the facility and an experienced professional multidisciplinary team to treat patients within the safety and containment of our inpatient programme.

Research has demonstrated that recovery is best attained on an outpatient basis, but when the severity of illness is such that inpatient treatment is indicated, a specialist eating disorders unit, as opposed to a general addictions unit or a general psychiatric unit, achieves the best results. Different facilities worldwide hold their own specific criteria or guidelines to determine the point of admission. In time, we have developed a policy to not follow rigid, strict criteria like exact weight cut-off points for anorectics, but to rather evaluate each patient individually on a broad spectrum of criteria and their particular circumstances to determine whether inpatient treatment would be more beneficial than other levels of treatment.

Once patients who have been admitted to the inpatient facility have made sufficient progress, we might recommend further treatment in a secondary facility if extended containment and supervision is indicated. Ultimately, alL patients who have undergone inpatient treatment will need to resume treatment on an outpatient level, usually involving a psychologist, dietician and psychiatrist, if there is medication to manage. For patients who live in Cape Town, our treatment team provides a wide choice of staff from which to choose. However, sometimes the majority of our inpatient community comprise international patients or patients from other centres in South Africa. In such instances, we have a wide network of national and international contacts to whom we will recommend such patients for their critically important follow-up treatment.

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