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EDU Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment

The majority of patients assessed for treatment on the Crescent Clinic Eating Disorders Unit will be recommended for treatment on an outpatient basis.  Research has indicated that treatment on an outpatient level, where appropriately indicated, will provide the best prognosis for recovery, as the patient is able to work towards recovery from within their existing home environment.  This provides the patient an opportunity to apply newly learned coping skills (including an individualised meal plan) from within their familiar settings and reap immediate reward and confidence as the treatment proceeds.  Little disruption is made to the patient’s daily routine, whether a learner, student, or working professional.  The Crescent Clinic Eating Disorders Unit proudly boasts the largest and most experienced team of specialised registered professionals of all eating disorders facilities in South Africa, which includes a team of psychologists, a psychiatrist, specialist dieticians, occupational therapists, and other auxiliary therapists.  Outpatient treatment is also the more cost-effective level of treatment, and all clinicians on the team charge at medical aid tariff rates, which means that medical aid will remit for all individual outpatient services, as our team of professionals are all registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

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