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EDU Crescent Clinic

Crescent Clinic

Crescent Clinic opened as a private sector psychiatric facility in 1998 and comprises three separate facilities.

The Occupational Therapy (OT) programme houses the majority of patients in the clinic and provides a group milieu programme for the treatment of patients suffering from illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder and various anxiety disorders. There is the option of private suites or shared rooms with two or three rooms. There is also an observation room near the nurses’ station in the main block for patients who require constant observation.

The Chemical Dependency Unit (CDU) can admit up to twenty patients, and is another separate specialist unit at Crescent Clinic. Patients remain at the clinic for a minimum of three weeks for the treatment of alcohol dependency, substance abuse, prescription medication dependency, as well as a number of other addictions like, for example, compulsive gambling.

The Eating Disorders Unit (EDU) is the smallest unit at Crescent Clinic, and limits the number of inpatients to seven in order to maintain an extremely high level of individual attention to each patient. The unit was started in 1994 at Kenilworth Clinic and was the first specialist eating disorders unit within the private sector in South Africa. In 2001, Kenilworth Clinic could no longer sustain the EDU as a separate specialist unit, and so it was decided by the core unit clinicians to accept the offer by Crescent Clinic to relocate it at their clinic in Claremont, one kilometre away. It was, thus, maintained as a specialist eating disorders unit and the multidisciplinary professional team was retained in its entirety. All that remained was for the unit-dedicated nursing team to be trained at Crescent Clinic and the Crescent Clinic EDU was borne, ensuring that South Africa still retained a specialist eating disorders unit within the private sector.Crescent Clinic

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