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EDU Cost


All inpatient and outpatient treatment costs are charged at the recommended tariff rates stipulated by the Board of Healthcare Funders.
Clinicians treating patients on an outpatient basis charge patients for their respective services at the tariff rates that are provided by all medical aids.  Whether you have a comprehensive or only a hospital plans policy, almost all medical aids provide cover to a ceiling amount or maximum number of days for inpatient care.  That means that the hospital tariff as well as all groups and therapies facilitated by registered clinicians are covered by hospitalization funds.  However inpatients need to remit an amount on admission to cover some small extra expenses, groups provided by counsellors that are not covered under medical aid, as well as any costs that the medical aid will not pay clinicians directly (e.g., dieticians).

Please enquire with the programme manager for the details of all costs pertaining to inpatient treatment.

All our psychologists as well as the unit psychiatrist charge for their outpatient facilities at tariff rates.  As such, medical aids will pay such clinicians directly.

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