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The Chemical Dependency Unit Programme goals are:

The Chemical Dependency Unit Programme goals are:
  • To enable the individual to live a substance-free life.
  • To establish a therapeutic environment, in which the individual feels safe to trust and take risks, to expose original hurt(s) that started the destructive dependency process, and to focus on alternative and more constructive ways of being.
  • To improve the physical, psychological and social functioning of the individual.
  • To create a support network for the individual, family members and other members of the community involved.
  • To assist the individual to establish a healthier lifestyle, including aspects of nutrition, stress management and exercise.
  • To provide aftercare on an out-patient basis that makes provision for regular follow-up and support.
  • To further education of existing support networks within the community.

This is completed in a holistic environment underpinned by 12steps and Psychodynamic Paradigm.

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