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Updated: 54 min 40 sec ago

Health24.com | 50 rushed to hospital after eating cow: snake venom or bad meat?

Is the snake venom to blame, or did the meat contain bacteria and pathogens?

Health24.com | This type of diet might be making your acne worse

Do you really need to avoid gluten?

Health24.com | #DayZero: Will our meat be safe?

We're trying to prepare for #DayZero as best as we possibly can, but what about those factors outside our personal control – like the safety of our meat?

Health24.com | Could the 1918 Spanish flu kill millions again?

This year marks 100 years since the deadliest flu outbreak the world has ever seen. Opinions and studies are divided, but a similar outbreak is not impossible.

Health24.com | Is obesity contagious?

The phenomenon of 'social contagion' suggests that if more people around you are obese, it increases your own chances of becoming obese.

Health24.com | 12 signs you could be anaemic, other than just being tired all the time

Up to 57% of SA women could be iron deficient…

Health24.com | Could one cigarette a day kill you?

Even a minimal amount of smoking can do damage – even if you're not a regular smoker. Here's why.

Health24.com | Shocking image shows how 28 years of sunlight wrecked truck driver’s face

For 28 years the trucker had his left side exposed to UVA rays through the window.

Health24.com | Should you eat before a workout?

A new study may finally have the answer.

Health24.com | SEE: 9 ways HIV affects the body

Have you ever wondered how HIV affects the body? Take a look at this infographic to find out.

Health24.com | ‘My hair started falling out at 8 years old but I’m done covering it up’

“I am a bright, fun-loving, crazy 26-year-old woman who doesn’t allow hair to define me.”

Health24.com | How many kilojoules do I need to lose weight?

Here’s exactly how to tell.

Health24.com | Could eating with fat people make you eat more?

It's not always just the food that's important – the people at your table can also affect your weight.

Health24.com | Ears grown for children in groundbreaking procedure

Scientists have used a remarkable combination of 3D printing and cell culturing to create new ears for five children born with ear defects, the first time the procedure has been performed on human patients.

Health24.com | Speak up, dear student! It can save your life

There is an epidemic among students, and we must take urgent notice – and action, writes Lizette Rabe.

Health24.com | 7 embarrassing medical questions answered

Everyone has a niggly question or two they'd like to ask their doctor. Perhaps you'll find the answers you seek in this article.

Health24.com | Shocking image shows how 28 years of sunlight wrecked truck driver’s face

For 28 years the trucker’s had his left side exposed to UVA rays through the window.

Health24.com | 7 of the most expensive treatments in the world

The ever-increasing prices of specialised treatments like gene-targeting therapies are raising concerns about the affordability of medicines and healthcare all over the world.

Health24.com | SURVEY: What are you willing to do to take care of your heart?

SPONSORED: Tell us what you are doing and you could win R1 000!


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