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Updated: 2 min 13 sec ago

Health24.com | Unlock your best performance with these 4 mindset tips

“The goal is to be in a winning state of mind every day."

Health24.com | SEE: How many people smoke around the world?

The statistics might surprise you...

Health24.com | Chef schools compete to produce tasty R15 lunch box

Watch a video on the school 'lunchbox challenge' that was held in Soweto recently.

Health24.com | New rabies test could save lives and revolutionise treatment

With a better test, people exposed to potentially rabid animals could be spared unnecessary injections.

Health24.com | 7 mistakes that can impact your blood pressure reading

Researchers at the American Heart Association have revealed simple mistakes we make while having our blood pressure taken that can affect the result.

Health24.com | ‘I tried haemorrhoid cream on my puffy eyes – here’s what happened’

It smells like something medicinal that’s meant for your bum. Because it is.

Health24.com | How to burn more kilojoules at the gym — without doing any extra exercise

Yes, you can burn more kilojoules without doing any extra exercise.

Health24.com | PSA: You can now track your periods using your Fitbit

We are are really excited about this.

Health24.com | Former Banyana midfielder Makhosi Luthuli on her struggle with Lymphoma

She was once a terror on the soccer field – a dynamo in green and gold aptly nicknamed “Troublemaker” because of her ability to mess with the opposing team.

Health24.com | ‘I have endometriosis – but nobody understands it’

The pain is worse during menstruation: Think period pains on steroids.

Health24.com | 4 foods that can improve your hearing

Vitamins are great for your general health and wellbeing, but some are especially good at helping to maintain the quality of your hearing.

Health24.com | Obesity in the workplace: What role should your employer be playing?

We’re constantly bombarded with info telling us being overweight is dangerous. But what should your employer be doing to encourage healthy living?

Health24.com | Mental health in the workplace – what you can do to help

If you know that one of your colleagues suffers from a mental illness, would you be able to help them at work? Maligay Govender offers some helpful mental health "first aid" tips.

Health24.com | Health Department to push R100 million into oncology for Gauteng and KZN provinces

The Department of Health is confronting the massive cancer backlog in Gauteng and KZN, and has allocated funds to tackle the problem.

Health24.com | Hypertension: a silent killer

Hypertension often has no warning signs or symptoms and many sufferers do not even know they have it.

Health24.com | How to manage your diabetes during Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan Muslims around the world embark on a 30-day fast, abstaining from food and drink from dusk till dawn.

Health24.com | Provincial hospitals in North West suffer as unions continue protesting

As unions claim their members won't stop protesting until demands are met, healthcare facilities in North West are on the verge of collapsing.

Health24.com | Speech therapist endures smacks and punches with a smile

Undeterred by a huge patient load and the odd kick from an autistic child, a young speech therapist is loving her community service.


by Dr. Radut