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Updated: 1 hour 52 min ago

Health24.com | Losing weight the right way can help your knees

Weight loss can slow knee arthritis, but it wasn't clear until now if the method of weight loss made any difference.

Health24.com | 6 reasons to strengthen your ankles

Hint: By strengthening your ankles, you’ll become a better runner!

Health24.com | Blast fat like a UFC fighter with this bodyweight workout

It's 10 of your favourite workouts, 10 times, for 10 rounds

Health24.com | 5 things every woman needs to know about her fertility

We asked a doctor to answer some of our pressing fertility questions.

Health24.com | This is the age you’ll have the best sex of your life, according to research

The bad news: It hasn’t happened yet. The good news: It hasn’t happened yet.

Health24.com | Is muscle soreness really a sign of an effective workout?

For a lot of guys, the soreness you feel in your muscles after a tough workout could be even worse than the discomfort you feel powering through the actual exercises.

Health24.com | Holy Cross nurses could soon be homeless

Nurses of the Holy Cross Hospital who are currently living in the nurses' residence have been served with eviction notices.

Health24.com | Protect your home against flies this summer

Be aware that those irritating houseflies buzzing around the kitchen pose a considerable health risk.

Health24.com | 'One stop shop' for KZN patients

A single visit to a healthcare facility will allow patients to have all their chronic conditions reviewed.

Health24.com | Eating too fast is making you fat and hurting your heart

A new study indicates the importance of eating slowly, for both your health and your waistline.

Health24.com | Can you fall pregnant while being pregnant?

Superfetation is rare, but it can occur.

Health24.com | Do pregnancy tests ever expire?

Here’s what you need to know before making that purchase at the pharmacy.

Health24.com | QUIZ: Are these 20 bizarre health statements true or false?

The body is both weird and wonderful. Can you tell if these statements are true or false?

Health24.com | Shocking: Here's why we have only 35 state cardiologists in SA

There are no cardiologists in public service in five of South Africa’s nine provinces.

Health24.com | How fast-food cues can lead you to overeat

Attracted to fast food? Here's how to avoid the cues that make us crave those tempting treats.

Health24.com | 4 reasons why rest days are important

Whether you’re a recreational runner or regularly training, there’s value in taking at least one day off each week.

Health24.com | QUIZ: What is the colour of your pee telling you?

Have you ever checked the colour of your urine and wondered what your body is telling you? Take our quiz to test your knowledge.

Health24.com | Are tooth implants really the perfect solution?

It is a common fallacy that implants are always the perfect solution for the replacement of a lost tooth. Let’s understand why...

Health24.com | More money needed to save Limpopo's crumbling health system

The dysfunctional health system in Limpopo is claiming lives and leading to widespread suffering.


by Dr. Radut