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Updated: 1 hour 54 min ago

Health24.com | How to grow a thicker (and healthier) head of hair

Here's what you need to know to grow healthier hair.

Health24.com | 7 ways to protect your children against fungal infections

Your little ones may be more prone to fungal infections in summer, but don’t let that spoil their fun.

Health24.com | 7 diseases that can cause hearing loss

Hearing loss can be genetic or caused by damage to the ear – but did you know that there are also some diseases that can cause hearing loss?

Health24.com | How far can a cough travel?

A cough can travel far and carry with it many germs, putting other people at risk of catching your disease.

Health24.com | GRAPHIC: Man gets gross infection after popping zit with woodwork blade

Here's another reason why you should not pop your pimples... Warning: This article contains graphic content.

Health24.com | 'I'm 40, so why do I have acne?'

We commonly associate this skin condition with those awkward teen years, so why is it popping up now... at 40?

Health24.com | Can doctors predict allergies?

Identifying allergy sufferers as early as possible may help to avoid extreme situations like anaphylactic shock and even death.

Health24.com | Why STIs are on the rise among pregnant women

Cases of preventable congenital syphilis are up 36%.

Health24.com | You won't believe what Viagra was used for before ED

Here are four medical inventions discovered by accident.

Health24.com | Quick survey: Would you tell your boss about your mental illness?

Mental health in the workplace is important. We’d like you to share your opinions and experiences with us by taking this quick survey.

Health24.com | 5 ways to protect yourself against fungal infections this summer

Summer sweat can be unpleasant – and it can cause nasty infections. Here are the most common causes of fungal infections and ways to avoid them.

Health24.com | SEE: 7 gripping facts on surgery

From operating on the wrong person to the plastic surgery capital of the world...

Health24.com | Are women naturally fitter than men?

A study found that women's muscles extract oxygen from the blood faster than men, which indicates a superior aerobic system.

Health24.com | Shhhh! Patients are sleeping

Hospitals are meant to be places of recovery. But how tranquil are they really?

Health24.com | #MeToo in SA: This is what victims feel like

Many victims of sexual harassment may have reached a tipping point where they are no longer willing to suffer in silence.

Health24.com | 'I'm allergic to alcohol'

Allergic reactions to alcoholic drinks are often overlooked as many of the symptoms can be mistaken for a nasty hangover.

Health24.com | A digital pill can tell if you're taking your meds

A new system will enable doctors to track how many pills their patients actually take, as opposed to the number of pills they are given.

Health24.com | 5 signs you could be at risk for deep vein thrombosis

Here’s how to identify and diminish your risk of blood-clot issues.

Health24.com | What to do if you want to have sex way more often than your partner

Plus, what you need to do if you’ve got the opposite problem.

Health24.com | The only 4 cycling workouts you really need

Do these each week and you’ve got your basic training covered.


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