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Updated: 52 min 25 sec ago

Health24.com | SEE: How much liquid can a condom hold?

You can protect yourself from STIs, HIV or unplanned pregnancy by using a condom. We found some interesting facts about condoms this Condom and STI Week.

Health24.com | Should I tell my employer I have epilepsy?

This National Epilepsy Week, we discuss whether you should tell a prospective or current employer if you have epilepsy.

Health24.com | QUIZ: Guess the people behind these medical discoveries?

Some of these were even invented by accident...

Health24.com | 7 reasons why too much salt is bad for you

Constantly adding salt to your meals? Here are seven reasons why it could be harming your health.

Health24.com | Can you really use coconut oil to treat acne?

Separating fact from fiction.

Health24.com | SEE: Girl with rare disorder eats pens, sand and erasers

Jade Noakes has experienced urges to eat inedible objects her whole life.

Health24.com | This male model proves you can eat carbs and still maintain a sixpack

A healthy diet should include carbs – are you eating enough of them?

Health24.com | Why is stress making me fat?

Everyone experiences stress at some point in their lives and it affects us all differently. We look at how stress can make you pile on the weight.

Health24.com | How we can prevent more listeria deaths

There are lessons to be learnt to avoid future listeria outbreaks.

Health24.com | Can you stay clean using the tiniest bit of water?

I exchanged my morning shower for a waterless body wash for two days and this is how it went...

Health24.com | 7 ways to boost your energy without coffee

No offense to Joe, but mainlining caffeine isn’t the only way to perk up.

Health24.com | Should we be using wet wipes and waterless sanitisers?

You’re trying to save water by showering less, but how does that affect your hygiene and health?

Health24.com | GRAPHIC: Woman has 14 worms pulled from eye after rare infection

An American woman was diagnosed with a type of eye worm seen in cattle, but never before in humans. Warning: This article contains images that might upset sensitive viewers.

Health24.com | Why it's great to learn a second language

According to researchers, people who speak two languages are among other things better able to focus on key information.

Health24.com | There’s an actual health reason why you should do good

There is a way to cope with the volume of stressful events we are exposed to on a near-daily basis.

Health24.com | Why some people are terrified of clowns

Clowns can make people happy, but some of us have a very different experience.

Health24.com | Peter Rabbit movie under scrutiny for allergy bullying

Makers of the new Peter Rabbit film apologised for including a scene making light of allergies.

Health24.com | Best friends' brains light up the same way

There is a scientific reason why you and your best friend get along so well.

Health24.com | 18 ways to save water in your kitchen

On 1 February 2018 level 6B water restrictions came into place for residents of Cape Town. Registered dietitian Abby Courtenay shares 18 valuable water-saving tips.


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