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Updated: 1 hour 53 min ago

Health24.com | UPDATE: Listeriosis death toll rises to 60

The number of dangerous Listeria cases in South Africa has been revised, with the food-borne disease now a category 1 notifiable medical condition.

Health24.com | Travelling? Sort out your meds before you leave

When travelling, make sure you don't run out of prescription medications. Also consider the climate at your destination and pack appropriate seasonal items like allergy drugs.

Health24.com | The runner’s holiday weight-loss plan

Don’t sweat your next big feast – we can show you how to get back on track after any holiday splurge.

Health24.com | 10 best diet stories of 2017

Need a bit of diet advice to kickstart a healthy eating plan for the new year? You’ve come to the right place.

Health24.com | 15 weirdest stories on Health24 in 2017

From flesh-eating maggots to ‘Barbie’ vaginas… Here are a few of the weirdest stories on Health24 this year.

Health24.com | Cardio sessions may literally make your brain bigger

A new study shows how good a few sessions a week is for your noggin.

Health24.com | The 4 best vegan foods to eat if you’re trying to tone up

You can make major gains without eating meat.

Health24.com | SEE: Guess the calories in these 10 Christmas foods

Roast potatoes, stuffed turkey, a rich pudding... the calories can quickly add up, so be careful.

Health24.com | How to stay fit and strong in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s

Consider this your manual to be the best you, at every stage of your life.

Health24.com | Search for source of deadly Listeriosis outbreak continues

At present it is not clear what the source of the infection is. There are however indications that it could be a food product that is distributed throughout South Africa.

Health24.com | 10 most popular stories on Health24 in 2017

These are the stories that Health24 readers found most interesting this year:

Health24.com | Tax on sugary drinks signed into law

From 2 April 2018, South Africans will be paying approximately 10% of a can of Coca Cola in 'sugar tax'.

Health24.com | Mother donates organs of unborn baby

Doctors advised termination of the pregnancy to avoid the trauma of a still-birth, but the determined mother wants to carry the baby to term.

Health24.com | How many HIIT workouts should you really be doing each week?

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is called high-intensity for a reason: It’s hard!

Health24.com | Listeriosis kills 5 in drought-stricken Western Cape

Since the announcement of the Listeriosis outbreak, all provinces have mobilised their provincial outbreak response team structures.

Health24.com | 'Practice self-control this festive season'

Pastor Sakhiwo Rala tells us how to stay responsible during this festive season.

Health24.com | What to do when he disappears over Christmas

Imagine you’re preparing for Christmas.

Health24.com | Husband abandons wife after she is diagnosed with cancer

She expected full support from the love of her life.

Health24.com | SA's 7 biggest health stories of 2017

Every year has its own health news stories, some positive and some disappointing – and 2017 was no exception.


by Dr. Radut