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Updated: 1 min 19 sec ago

Health24.com | Dogs born in summer at greater risk for heart disease

Air pollution may be the cause of heart disease in dogs born in summer.

Health24.com | 7 readers reveal how they quit smoking

On World No Tobacco Day, we gave you some tips to help you quit smoking. Here our readers tell how they kicked the habit.

Health24.com | Ariana Grande reveals PTSD diagnosis – but what exactly is it?

PTSD can be a debilitating disorder if not treated properly, and many South Africans suffer from it.

Health24.com | We decode 3 popular diets – here are the pros and cons

A guide on the paleo, low-fat vegetarian and Mediterranean diets made easy.

Health24.com | Husband saves wife a week after learning CPR from TV show

Who knew watching TV could save your life?

Health24.com | 4 small mistakes that could be totally screwing with your gym efforts

So exercise isn’t delivering all the perks you expected?

Health24.com | 4 tips for getting superhero muscle from Deadpool’s trainer

Work towards long-term fitness, says Don Saladino, Ryan Reynolds’s trainer.

Health24.com | COMRADES: What happens to your body during an ultramarathon?

Today 20 000 people will try to complete one of the most gruelling running events in the world. Here's what happens to your body during an ultramarathon.

Health24.com | The 12 best foods to burn fat and build lean muscle

Certain foods help you train harder, burn fat faster and sculpt muscle more easily. Here they are...

Health24.com | 5 period apps that make tracking your menstrual cycle a breeze

Know exactly when Aunt Flow is on her way.

Health24.com | Do you have low penis self-esteem?

This is why you should stop worrying about your size, smell and foreskin.

Health24.com | Limpopo patients ‘forced to reveal illnesses in front of others’

Polokwane Provincial Hospital has problems ranging from expired medication, a shortage of consultation rooms, a poor filing system, broken laundry machines and expired food.

Health24.com | 'I am HIV positive – can I breastfeed my child?'

An HIV positive mother from Limpopo was advised not to breastfeed but to use baby formula milk, which she cannot afford because she is not working.

Health24.com | E-cigarette industry prepared to work closely with government on tobacco laws

SA's leading vaping body is keen to work with government on how e-cigarettes are regulated in the new tobacco laws.

Health24.com | This is the exact percentage road running beats treadmill training

The ease of running inside comes with a price.

Health24.com | How to protect your immune system – straight from a dietitian

Looking to boost your immune system? Here are some tips from a dietitian.

Health24.com | 6 ways dietitians ‘do’ prevention

As the old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. And this year, the theme of Dietitians Week is 'Dietitians do Prevention'.


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