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Updated: 56 min 19 sec ago

Health24.com | This is why oral sex could be really bad for your health

Long known to cause cervical cancer, the pervasive but often silent human papillomavirus (HPV) has been finding its way into women’s mouths.

Health24.com | 4 mind tricks that actually work for when you have no motivation to go to the gym

Ever wanted to try new ways to get bigger muscles? Well now you can with these mind games for big gains.

Health24.com | 7 serious stroke symptoms you should never ignore

1-0-1-7-7 is your best bet in these scenarios.

Health24.com | ‘Not only polony’ plus other don’t-miss Listeriosis stories

Stay up to date with the latest Listeriosis stories from Health24.

Health24.com | Why some people cough more in summer

Isn't coughing associated with the colder winter months? Not always. Here’s what can trigger a cough in summer.

Health24.com | Dagga vs alcohol: Which is worse?

Both dagga and alcohol can have different effects on different people.

Health24.com | 5 cases of humans with rabies: Here’s what you should know

Since December 2017 five cases of humans infected with rabies have been confirmed in South Africa.

Health24.com | SEE: How SA's deadly listeriosis outbreak unfolded

A timeline will help you understand the events caused by this dangerous food-borne illness.

Health24.com | TIMELINE: This is not the first major listeriosis outbreak

This year sees the biggest Listeriosis outbreak in history. We take a look at some of the outbreaks that have occurred over the years.

Health24.com | 9 signs your butt discomfort is actually an anal cancer red flag

Unprotected backdoor sex is a risk factor...

Health24.com | First-time dads are getting older – but are there risks?

The average age has risen from 27 to 31 in the span of 43 years.

Health24.com | Experts warn on e-cigarettes: Creating new nicotine addicts

Experts at an anti-tobacco conference have warned that while e-cigarettes were marketed as devices to help smokers quit, they are actually creating 'new nicotine addicts', while also making it harder for smokers to quit.

Health24.com | Breakthrough: Scientists may have discovered a way to prevent peanut allergies

The first treatment to help prevent serious allergic reactions to peanuts may be on the way.

Health24.com | Bad news, smokers: It's going to be more inconvenient to smoke

The health minister has promised a clampdown on the tobacco industry, which will include legislation to hit smokers as well. See the main points which will affect smokers.

Health24.com | Motsoaledi says he 'hates' tobacco industry, vows stricter legislation

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has vowed to implement stricter tobacco controls, acknowledging that SA has slacked in taking action and new legislation would be put into place to fight an industry which he "hates" and only "causes mayhem".

Health24.com | Is Listeriosis contagious and other important facts

Is Listeriosis contagious? Are you at risk? These are the questions you're probably asking about Listeriosis – and we have some quick answers.

Health24.com | Ex-WHO expert banned from tobacco conference after links to Marlboro maker

A South African-born doctor has become a pariah in the tobacco control world after his links to the manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes, seeing him banned from a top global anti-tobacco conference kicking off in Cape Town today.


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