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Updated: 38 min 9 sec ago

Health24.com | Severe stress may send immune system into overdrive

7 hours 33 min ago
Autoimmune diseases turn the body's natural protection against itself by attacking healthy cells.

Health24.com | SEE: How to fight prostate cancer with food

8 hours 33 min ago
Increasing the amounts of a certain kind of oil may reduce the incidence of prostate cancer.

Health24.com | How SA’s best bodyboarders tackle the deadliest waves

10 hours 33 min ago
Here’s why fitness matters and how the best keep at it.

Health24.com | 6 ‘extra’ health and beauty benefits of rooibos you didn’t know about

12 hours 33 min ago
I mean, we know it's good for you... But this is next level.

Health24.com | Quitting smoking? Even a little exercise can help you stay slim

14 hours 33 min ago
Best results in limiting weight gain after quitting smoking were found in women who engaged in 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity per week.

Health24.com | Do men really hook up more than women?

A study looked at the gender discrepancy between men and women regarding their number of sexual partners.

Health24.com | Undigested food in your stool may be a sign of IBS

The contents of your stool can give you some insight into the health of your gut.

Health24.com | Just how unhealthy is your bunny chow? An expert weighs in

The popularity of spatlho or bunny chow in the townships is not good news because it isn't as healthy as traditional foods.

Health24.com | Anti-psychotic meds for kids raise diabetes risk

Anti-psychotic medication is used for children with non-psychotic disorders with disruptive behaviours. This increases their risk of diabetes later in life.

Health24.com | Is drinking red wine actually good for you? It’s complicated

Is your nightly glass of vino doing your heart any favours?

Health24.com | Cannibis oil helps little girl overcome severe seizures

She was born healthy but at just eight months old, Capri Laine suffered a stroke that would change her life forever.

Health24.com | Eczema dramatically impacts quality of life

If you've never suffered from eczema, you probably aren’t aware of the negative impact it can have on your quality of life.

Health24.com | Craving chips? This is how to make your own vegetable crisps and satisfy your junk food cravings

Tasty snacks don’t have to be made out of potatoes and salt. Make these healthy crisps for your next sports session.

Health24.com | What are beta-blockers – and can they treat your anxiety?

Your grandpa takes beta-blockers for his heart, but could they help treat anxiety?

Health24.com | HIV doubles heart disease risk

People infected with HIV are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease, research has found.

Health24.com | Almost 1 300 genes tied to academic success

Academic success may lie within the intricacies of your genes.

Health24.com | SEE: The difference between dementia and delerium

There are big differences between dementia and delirium, but in older people the one is often mistaken for the other.

Health24.com | Medicine regulator forced into plan B to keep ‘lifesaving’ emergency lines open

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) has opened emergency phone lines 'to ensure that health products available to the public are safe, effective and of good quality'.

Health24.com | 10 questions to ask before choosing a new doctor

Have you had the same doctor since childhood? Or are you struggling to find a doctor who "gets" you? Here are some things you need to consider when choosing a doctor.

Health24.com | How to handle incontinence at the gym

If you suffer from incontinence, you don’t need to avoid exercising (or the gym).


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